Sunday, February 28, 2010

A truly touching story.

In a world filled with stories of police brutality, it is nice to know that there are still police officers out there with a dream of truly helping the community. Last Monday, I went to a job interview at Air Canada, and ended up waiting for 9 hours before having an interview, and my mother sat patiently downstairs and waited for me in the lobby of the hotel that was hosting the event. She started talking to a very friendly couple, from northern Ontario. Their daughter was also interviewing for the same job as me, so they had also had a long wait. They told my mother a story about their son, which really touched me. A while back, he had been diagnosed with leukaemia, and was checked into SickKids hospital in Toronto. The family was not made of money, so they knew that they were going to have to sacrifice in order to pay for the son's medical treatments. The wife went to live in an apartment in Toronto, so that she could visit the son often, while he was in the hospital, and living in the city can be very, very costly. She decided that she would have to get a job, to earn some extra money. She soon found a job, working in a local O.P.P (police) station, as a cleaning lady. However, she began having to miss work occasionally in order to be with her son during his cancer treatments. Instead of firing her for not being able to work, all of the policemen at the station banded together and took turns filling in for her. They mopped floors, scrubbed toilets, dusted, everything ! They continued to pay her, even though they did the work. As if this wasn't kind enough, they went above and beyond with their next gesture. The policemen opened up a bank account, especially for the family. When people had traffic violations, like a parking ticket, the cops gave them an ultimatum: either accept the ticket, and pay it in full, or make a donation to the family. Since the police hand out so many traffic tickets a day, you can only imagine how large the amount in the bank account became. The treatments were effective, and the boy made a complete recovery ! This just goes to show that there are still incredible people in the world, and I wish we could hear about these stories more than just the bad ones.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Song of the day

Song of the day

Nerd Art.

I can be a bit of a nerd, at times. This was a collection of pieces I did for my grade 12 art class project. We had to pick a topic and create a zine. Mine was comic book characters. These are some of the pieces from my zine !

(Top left) A very fuzzy photo of my Bullseye painting, done in acrylic.
(Top centre) Gambit, done in ink wash [combining wet ink with water].
(Top right) Scene from the Watchmen graphic novel, done in inkwash.
(Bottom left) Deadpool, also done in inkwash.
(Bottom centre) Pen drawing of the Joker.
(Bottom right) Scene from a Silver Surfer comic, done in acrylic paints.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Le Moustache

these are some mugs that I make and sell locally, and, soon to be, online !

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Song of the Day

What I Wore Today

This is a dress that I made last month. It is my new favourite thing to wear ! I love the vintage look it has. Whenever people see it, they say, "OO, it looks like it's from Mad Men !"

First Feature !

Hello, hello ! Recently, a girl named Samantha started up a new blog targeting inner and outer beauty.
"I was so inspired when I heard about Tyra's Beauty inside & out campaign that I decided that I wanted to do something to help the cause so I made a blog that will feature people & their unique beauty/style or whatever they are proud of. I want to help everyone realize that they are beautiful just as they are, inside & out."

Her latest post is an interview with yours truly, featuring questions about my perspectives on beauty. Thank you, again, Samantha !

Check it out, my friends !

Have a great day !

Song of the Day

Thank God it's fatal, thank God it's fatal.

My mom went to florida, and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.

I feel like now is as good a time as ever to let you know a little bit about myself !
1. I love to take baths..alot more than most people. Like, hippies would probably beat me for the amount of water I waste on baths. showers are just too much effort, to be completely honest.
2. I became obsessed with chicken fingers at a young age. Now at the ripe old age of 18 they still stand alone as my all-time favourite food. If you go to a restaurant with me, odds are i will not even have to pull out a menu. I usually begin to panic if the waitress tells me they don't serve chicken fingers. One time, when I had reservations for an upscale restaurant in Toronto, I called ahead and asked them to specially prepare them for me, since they weren't on the menu. This happened about 3 years ago, and its a completely true story.
3. I still write in a diary. I realize that sounds silly, but its really theraputic.
4. While I love good movies, I have a PASSION for poorly written/directed/filmed scary movies. They are just classic. They have everything a movie should have: some scares, sex, alot of laughs(both with and at the movie).
5. I never knew how much I loved my family, until they moved away. I missed them so much that I only lasted 5 months before moving back in with them. Me and my brother had a few rough years growing up, but he's actually one of my best friends. he knows almost everything about me, and even though we fight i still love him to death. One of my worst memories is from when i was waiting for the bus in grade 1 at St Andrews and i asked a girl for a piece of candy and she said "only if you call your brother a retard". I didn't know what that meant but i knew it was bad, but i said it anyways..just for that piece of candy.
6. Alot of people like to think that i'm stupid, when i'm really not. I may not get the best grades in school, but that is because i don't put alot of effort into my work..which IS dumb. One of my least favourite things is when someone calls me "stupid" or an idiot.
7. I love my red hair. All ginger comments aside, i know that it is a rarity to be born with red hair so i'm thankful.
8. I have a thing for actors with the names James for some reason: James MacAvoy, James Franco, Jim Sturgess, James Marsden, etc.
9. I am afraid of alot of things. some of these fears include: dolls, mirrors, closets, the dark, the ocean and all things dwelling in it, drowning, snakes, my basement.
10. I am terrified about growing older and having my parents die. i can't imagine not having my mom and dad whenever I need them.
11. My best friend Lauren means the world to me. She's one of the few people that will sit and listen to everything I have to say, and still seem interested. I wouldn't have survived high school without her.
12. Sewing is my biggest form of creative expression. I was never good at sports, or school so it was incredible to find something I loved so much, and had a talent for.
13. I have only ever been in love once, and even though I let it go, I eventually came to my senses, and now we've been dating for almost 2 years.
14. I never just like something.. for examp
le, if I watch a show and like it, I obsess over it and watch it repeatedly.
15. Driving is one of the only ways that I can calm down. If I ever need to think, i usually go out driving on country roads.
16. That being said, driving in town is one of the most stressful things i can do. I have the worst road rage out of anyone i know and if you think i'm nice and quiet, try driving through town with me. i have no patience for other drivers.
17. I am on facebook way too much, and new notifications always make my life.
18. I moved over the summer, and it killed me. I had lived in that house since I was 2, so the thought of living anywhere else just confused me. I'm starting to accept living in a new town, but its hard.
19. Even though my old phone looked like a piece of garbage, i miss it alot. it was very reliable and lasted me a long time. R.I.P Sanyo Katana (best phone ever!)
20. Up until a little while ago, i had a hard time opening up about things with people. I could tell them good things, but never bad
21. One of my favourite movies is Paris Je T'aime. i love everything about it. its an awesome concept.
22. I'm scared about my future, because I know that i screwed up in highschool. i don't want my future to be affected too greatly by it.