Friday, May 18, 2012

Things we lost in the fire

Nelson loved being included in my blog posts
I really don't even know how to start this post.. So, we had a house fire at my home about a month ago, which is why I have been so absent from this blog lately. My brother and my dad were the only ones home at the time, and they both made it out of the house unharmed. It started in the basement and destroyed that entire level of the house, while causing massive amounts of smoke damage to every other level of the house. 

We were very lucky that no one was hurt, but unfortunately we lost my beloved cat Nelson (pictured above) due to smoke inhalation... The firefighters were very helpful in trying to find him, but it was just too smoky. My fat cat, Cuddles, was one lucky kitty, though. She was in the basement at the time and trapped herself in my brother's bedroom, but the firefighters found her and were able to pull her out of the house. She was in a daze from inhaling so much smoke, and her eyes looked a bit burnt, but I sat outside in the rain with her, attempting to calm her down while holding an oxygen mask over her face for about an hour. She spent the night at the emergency vet clinic, and is now doing great (she's actually curled up next to me, purring as I type ^.^ ) 

kisses from my favourite little man
As I mentioned before, the smoke damage throughout the house left my room a den of ash and soot and destroyed a lot of my clothes and belongings... the insurance company packed away all of our belongings in the house and sent them to a restoration facility in the hopes that they can clean up most of our things and get them back to us, or have them replaced. But that is a process, and so I am currently camped out at my boyfriend, Brad's, family's house with my cat and about 7 articles of clothing to my name, haha. I honestly would love nothing more than to be blogging, to keep my mind occupied with something other than the fire. However, my camera is packed away in a box for who knows how long, waiting to be cleaned, so I can't take photos unless I use my little camera.

Having never experienced a house fire before, my family and I assumed that we could be back in our house as soon as the fire marshall deemed it "not on fire". In reality, there are major restoration and recovery measures that need to be done, and we will not be able to go home for about 5 months.

being a cone-head
This whole situation is a major bummer, for my brother especially who lost his cat and almost all of his belongings (his bedroom was on the level that was destroyed), but in times like this you really have to just try and find the positives. My family is all safe, I still have one of my cats, and house insurance is taking care of replacing everything material. I am also so lucky to have Brad and his amazing family for letting me stay with them in the meantime. We put a down payment on a puppy a couple months ago and are still planning on getting her when she is 8 weeks old at the beginning of June, and have found a rental house to live in, so these next few months will be quite an adventure.