Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Sentimental Heart

Since the wee little puppy, Maggie, is too young to be left on her own for the day, I watch her from the morning to mid-afternoon.. this gives me a lot of sitting around time to do nothing. While the rental house my family is currently living in is completely aesthetically challenged, this room (that used to be mine, but is now my brother's) just speaks to me. The white walls, rustic wood floors, and antique sofa might be a turnoff to most, but they make me feel extra cozy. 
Maggie photo-bombed with her bum

While I am supposed to be on a budget, I couldn't pass up this dress that was marked down from $90 to $45 ! 

dress - Talula
necklace - Aldo
flats - H&M
belt - H&M
I am leaving for an big annual cottage trip with Brad and friends, tomorrow morning, so I should probably go start packing ! x

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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Lion's Heart

"The Native Meadow" dress - c/o Sugarlips Apparel
bag - Suzy Shier
belt - H&M
spike bracelet - Aldo Accessories
My summer is moving at a tragically fast pace.. It's so hard to believe that I go back to school in only two weeks ! As far as my poor burnt house is concerned, there has been little-to-no progress since they cleared everything out, months ago.. Fortunately, my dad was able to get me a new camera, so I have been playing around with my new Nikon D5100 for the last week, or so (expect much more from me in the near future) !

Since I am still dealing with the stress of being without my entire wardrobe, I was very excited to receive this dress from Sugarlips Apparel ! This amazing dress has become my go-to piece, and screams summer. Plus, the tapestry-like material is thick enough that I can wear it into those late summer nights without freezing to death.

My puppy, Maggie, has a newfound love for being in front of a camera lens, so naturally she had to be in a majority of the pictures I took. Keep scrolling down to see a close-up of her sweet little face !

look at that sweet face !
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ! x