Friday, July 5, 2013

A Home

side table with my favourite cat statue, and an incredible antique fan that I bought broken but Brad repaired!

I feel so awful that this is the first time in almost a year that I have dedicated a small amount of time to writing this blog. I can't even begin to think of how much has changed over this past year, so I'll do an update in bullet format (yay for written montages!). let's begin:

  • After a long (and very, um..interesting) 8 months of living in a rental home after the fire, my parents and brother were able to return home. The house was almost entirely redone and turned out beautifully!
  • My boyfriend, Brad (you'll probably never see a picture of him, as he is a big baby about having his photo taken) and I started up new programs at college. I just finished my first year of graphic design, and at the end of it I had one of those moments where you just think "WOW, why didn't I think to do this sooner?!" I loved every minute of it, even the all-nighters and cry-fests. I can't wait to start my second and third years. 
  • When the time came for me to move back in with my parents, I had a moment of panic and Brad, and I decided that living together was working out so well that we should continue to do so. So we moved into an apartment together on December 1st! The following pictures are of our apartment, and the progress we've made so far. I am on the prowl to buy a home, especially after I found that I was coming into a fair amount of money from the insurance after the fire. but for now, I love our little piece of home!
Ok, well... I must have overestimated how eventful my year has been. Anyways, here are photos of the apartment (also, we have a second bedroom, but there isn't much in it yet so I left it out. And the kitchen is average, so it was also left out)

also in my happy place

the first plant that I have ever kept alive

our living room!

prints for my birthday from Brad, from Maiden Voyage Clothing

excuse the mess, and the air conditioner (it gets hot at night here)

travel clock from my grandma

a little bit of Brad, and a little bit of me !