Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wearing: Bit of Colour

I feel like once Fall hits, I almost completely eliminate colour from my wardrobe. Today I decided to say "screw it" and wear my brightest purple tights. When I originally bought these, they looked almost like a wine/burgundy colour in the store, but I wasn't disappointed to see how vibrant they really are.

Life lately has been great. I celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving all in the same weekend, so there were lots of visits with both mine and Brad's families. Les Miserables was fantastic (although, it was my third time seeing the performance so I had no doubts). Brad, my mom, and I spent the day wandering through Toronto and had lunch downtown.

School was a bit stressful, only because it seemed like I had just gone back when it was already time for all my mid-term projects to be handed in. But, that is over now and I'm over the halfway point to Christmas (YAY!).

dress- Numph dress, courtesy of Surfdome / tights- Ardene / shoes- Forever21 / headband- Forever21

This dress from Surfdome is quickly becoming one of my new favourites. When I picked it, I was taking a bit of a leap because I almost never wear anything form-fitting. However, unlike other body con dresses I've tried on in the past, this one is flattering to almost any body shape. It's made of a heavier, but breathable, cotton and has a nice v-neck and cinched waist. I am lacking in the curves department, so the fact that this dress gives the illusion that I have more of a feminine body is a huge plus. Numph makes a bunch of other adorable dresses, so be sure to check them out. Surfdome is awesome, because they have over 900 brands like Burton, and Volcom, but then they also have a huge selection of dressier clothing labels like French Connection. Plus they're having a gigantic 50% off sale!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wearing: Birthday!

I could have titled this something involving that Taylor Swift song... but I'm not really feeling 22. To be honest if I could have stopped aging at 21 I would have. But that is just unrealistic. The silver lining to my aging is that today is my second favourite day of the year (Christmas being the first)! I'm a big old brat and love nothing more than people singing the birthday song to me, and the 12049 facebook notifications of people writing birthday wishes on my wall... Whatever, it's my day!

This year is a little different. My family tradition for birthdays is pretty standard, in that the birthday person gets to have special dinner or go out, followed by cake and presents. While I lived with my boyfriend's awesome family during my birthday last year, this is the first year that Brad and I live on our own together so getting together with my family is a bit of a challenge. They live really close (like a 15 minute walk) but we all have conflicting schedules, especially now that my brother is in teacher's college at Niagara University. So, I opted to hold off on birthday celebrations with my family until Thursday because it is better for everyone. Originally, Brad was going to have to work, so I had visions of me sitting with my cat Cuddles, alone and watching Angel reruns until he came home. Luckily he ended up getting the night off, so now the plan is to go grab beer at our favourite local microbrewery.

As far as gifts go this year, things will also be different. My parents got me tickets to see Les Miserables in Toronto this coming Saturday, but gave them to me months ago, and Brad had to give me my gift last night since I accidentally found it in the closet while putting away laundry (oops!). So on my actual day I don't think I'll be unwrapping anything, but I'm ok with that! Brad is the absolute best at gift giving. He always manages to get me something thoughtful but practical. For instance, this year he knew how much I've always hated our kitchen faucet so he bought me a fancy new one (K, I know how it sounds, but I almost cried with happiness) and then he also got a big piece of Lora Zombie's work for in our living room that he said reminded him so much of me.

dress- Forever 21 / scarf- Aldo Accessories / flats-H&M

My awful head-cold from August has returned to wreak havoc on my sinuses... Needless to say, scarves are becoming a necessity.

Now just for fun, here's a cute picture of my puppy Maggie !

On another note, Helen over at Fragile Bird has featured me on her blog! Be sure to go take a peek!
Hope everyone has a great week!