Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wearing: Frost

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly winter hits us in Canada. Two weeks ago we were complaining that the temperature was dipping below 10 degrees, now there's a steady coat of snow on the ground. I have always been partial to winter. No, I'm not a fan of having to drive on ice, or waiting 10 minutes for my car to warm up in the mornings, but something about winter just gets me. That being said, I'm one of those people who enjoy the season from inside my warm apartment with tea and blankets, and watching the snow come down.

This week has been a bit of good and bad.. well not "bad", just hectic. Brad and I are nearing the end of the college semester so it seems like I am swimming in homework. We did have some breaks here and there, like to watch Brad's niece decorate their Christmas tree on Thursday, and then we had my office Christmas party last night. I'm loving school again this year, but I will still be relieved to have a break in a couple weeks.
coat- Kenneth Cole / scarf- Aldo / socks- Ardene / dress- H&M

On an unrelated note, I had a funny thought the other day. A classmate mentioned that he had checked out my blog and I immediately got embarrassed and made up excuses for it. Blogging is a funny thing.. especially when it's a personal blog. You are basically writing out your day to day, and expecting to entertain people with your life and photos of yourself. It can come off as very narcissistic, but I find it therapeutic. I like the feeling of connecting with other bloggers, even if you never meet them and it's good to have an outlet for all of your thoughts, even the most mundane. Now that I have a shared backyard (as opposed to the private one when I lived with my parents) I have had MANY awkward encounters with people strolling by, wondering what the crazy girl taking pictures of herself is doing. My immediate response is a nervous "UH.. school project!!", but one guy didn't believe me and said that I was probably taking photos for a dating website. It was mortifying. So anyways, my funny thought was this: I am no longer going to be embarrassed about my blog. When people ask me where I came up with the name, I will smile and say "I was drunk and eating spaghetti alone when the two words came into my head and made me laugh," with pride. I won't shy away when someone tries to give me a face-to-face compliment about the photos I take. Granted, I will probably never get over the embarrassment of getting caught taking photos, but hey no one is perfect. Above all things, I like seeing how my style and self have changed since I began this blog in 2009, and I take it as a point of pride knowing that while I've taken brief hiatuses, I have kept this thing going for 4 years.

End of ramble.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quiet Time

Sundays are my favourite day of the week. Unlike Saturday, I tend to have no plans in the evenings so I get the day to just do whatever I didn't get a chance to do in the 6 days prior. This usually involves curling up with toast and tea in a blanket burrito and watching Netflix with my cat until 1pm. The church a few blocks from our apartment tolls a bell every hour, but on some Sunday mornings they play songs with the bells and you can hear it all through downtown. I love it!

After sleeping in, I like to drive over to my parent's house to visit them and my puppy. I go through withdrawals if I don't get to see my little puppy, Maggie, for a few days, so I try my best to go over there whenever I get a chance. I apologize in advance for the spam post of my baby, but she's too cute to not show some photos.

Sometimes in the evening, my mom will make a big dinner and I'll go over with Brad, but that's more of a treat than a regular occurrence. Then Brad and I will come home, and curl up on the couch and end the night casually by watching TV together. We're really the type of couple that finds a night in with takeout more romantic than a fancy dinner at a restaurant, and I love that.

I hope everyone else is having a relaxing Sunday!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wearing: I Don't Know How

I can't describe how quickly the seasons changed from fall to winter in Ontario. In Niagara, we got the best of it since the city a few hours west is covered in snow, whereas we just dipped to below freezing temperatures. I only managed to get about a month of wear out of my thin autumn jacket, which really bummed me out... until I put on my winter jacket and remembered how much I love it.

I think the parts of early autumn that I'll miss the most are 1) walking home from work at 5 in the sun, and 2) the temperature of my bed being the same as the rest of my room in the morning.. It is getting increasingly difficult to pry myself out of bed for school/work in the A.M. Not to mention the fact that my outfits are starting to fall into my usual cold-weather pattern: dress, opaque tights, long sweater, and scarf. Sigh.

However... with winter comes some exciting stuff! (When I'm not driving in it) I absolutely love snow! Not to mention the awesome feeling you get for actually wanting to snuggle in bed again after months of too-hot nights in the summer. Yummy comfort foods like stew make the season one of my favourites as well.

jacket- Stitches / shoes- Union Bay / dress- H&M / sweater- H&M
My boyfriend showed me the song "I Don't Know How" by Best Coast, and I have been listening to it non-stop all week. Have a great week !

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting Into the Season

Yes, yes... I understand that it is only the beginning of November, I just can't help but get excited for the Christmas season to begin. While this will technically be mine and Brad's second Christmas living together, this is the first time we're going to be doing Christmas the real way (tree, decorations, cinnamon and spice air fresheners hehe, etc). We moved in to the apartment on December 1st of last year, and with all of that excitement it was really difficult to find time to focus on the holidays, plus we didn't have room for a Christmas tree. But now that it's just the two of us living here, we have tons of room and I have tons of holiday spirit.

Obviously, since it's only November I'm starting off very slowly with the decorating, but after seeing this photo on Pinterest, I fell in love with this simple and modern wall idea. (Pardon the colours of the photos, I decided to do this at night)

I have a hard time even calling this "DIY" because it was so easy to do, but hey it needs to fall under a category. I just measured out some twine, threw on "Happy Endings" on Netflix, and started cutting a million little Christmas trees out of black construction paper. Then I just figured out how I wanted to organize them on the strings, and taped them. See, super easy. I love that this wall stands out now, because it was getting pretty boring being plain but I couldn't think of a way to spruce it up. I actually like this vertical arrangement though, so I might do something similar after the holidays are over to leave up year-round!

I also gave my chalkboard wall in the kitchen a little count-down to Christmas so I can kill myself with anticipation. It does tend to get vandalized by our friends when they come over (for instance "(penis drawing) Gays 'til Xmas) but that was to be expected.

I hope I'm not the only crazy lady getting too excited about Christmas a month and a half in advance, and that some of you are starting little holiday traditions.