Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wearing: Walking on Sunshine

dress- H&M / cardigan- Stitches / belt- Forever 21
I've been feeling sort of "blah" lately. By that I just mean that for the last while I have been feeling uninspired, not creative, etc. Not just that, but I've also had zero motivation to clean my apartment, decorate, buy myself a new outfit or two. I think this feeling hits most people after the holidays, when things just slip back to normal and the winter seems to start to drag on. That beautiful blanket of snow out the window you loved a month ago now just means higher heating bills. Long stretches of winter nights used to mean that you could spend the evenings cozied up watching movies, now the morning darkness just make me sleep through my alarm and miss class.

However, when I start to feel down my mind does this thing where it tries to remind me of all the negative things in my life.. But most of the time, it fails miserably, and makes me start to look at all that I have in my life that makes me so incredibly happy. This quickly sobers me up and pulls my mood from sad to grateful. 

ANYWAYS, long story short: today I was having an off morning and was looking for ways to bring myself down. I stepped out of my bedroom, looked at my messy apartment full of empty beer bottles and thought "WOW, I can't wait to clean up after all my friends again." Then I decided "fuck it" and threw on a cheerful outfit, my new She & Him album, and cleaned my apartment because I realized that I had a great time when they were over the other night and love having guests, so I needed to look for the positive and not dwell on the small negatives.

2014 is the year of Chelsea, and I refuse to be a Negative-Nancy. 

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  1. I am always feeling unmotivated when it comes to most things. Winter does not help at all. It makes me want to wear jeans and sweaters all the time and just stay in under blankets. I hate how the winter always seems to drag on. I can't wait for spring to come! By the way...I love this outfit, and I love She & Him! :)

  2. I feel like winter is a time that motivation is just harder to come by. I find I have bursts of motivation, but there's a lot of times where I literally don't feel like doing anything.

    It's always extra awesome to know you pushed through the feeling.

    Super cute outfit by the way!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. You go girl, so inspired by your positive attitude despite your day not starting off right!
    Love the cheerful and cute outfit too - that polka dot dress is so adorable :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I so hear you on the motivation post holidays. It feels good to clean up and 'choose' to be positive though! If it's at all possible, it's so worth it :)

    Also, love the outfit and boots, Chelsea!

  5. Amazing outfit! You look stunning!


  6. you did an awesome job pulling yourself out of your funk- props on that! i always feel like a cheerful outfit makes it SUPER hard to stay in a sour mood haha so i pull the same trick on myself. and there's nothing like polka dots with red- it looks so adorable.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Your blog is so cute! And you are gorgeous. Yay redheads =]


  8. What a super cute outfit! Loving the polka dots :)


  9. Extra! :D

  10. Love the dress,
    if you would like to follow? Let me know!