Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wall Art for the Financially-Challenged: Display a Collection

I've said it before, but being that this is our first place together, decorating and making the place feel like home can be challenging when you're on a budget. When hanging fine art, or photography is not in your financial plan, you need to get creative. Luckily, this little project killed two birds with one stone (so to speak) since I am trying to de-clutter, and add personal elements to the decor. Displaying a collection can also be a bit difficult, as the look tightropes on a fine line between eclectic and messy. 

When I met Brad, he had just taken up the violin. He was practicing on a classic wooden violin, but when noise became an issue he decided to purchase his electric violin. So then we had 2. Which was totally fine until we moved and merged our belongings, and found that we both had a lot of collections and hobbies. We've done a good job of keeping our hobbies (music for Brad & painting, photography, and sewing for me) confined in the spare room, but I like the idea of them creeping out just a bit, to add personality to the rest of our apartment.

Here are some other inspirational photos for displaying a collection:
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my records display, from this post
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  1. Last image: pure camera and vinyl porn! *envy*

  2. Ah your apartment looks so nice! I love the wall color and column and wood floor!!

  3. beautiful! what a creative idea! i could totally have a camera shelf.


  4. Hi despite being on a budget, you done a really lovely job and it look so nice! When we (hubby and I) got our place we was on a budget but it amazing what cheap things you can buy when you least expect it.


  5. I totally agree with you there. It's hard to find good decor pieces, nice paint colors and perfect accents to round of a look if you're on a tight budget. Good thing there are lots of DIY tips around the blogosphere that helps one create beautiful works out of scrap and/or cheap materials. Anyway, I love the violins. They really add character to those walls, which are amazingly painted. I think I'm going to try that idea soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro