Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Halloween, especially since we were fortunate enough for it to fall on a Friday this year!

As per usual, I had an idea for a costume early on but still left making it until the last minute... Growing up, Madeline was my favourite book. I had the same little red bob haircut from ages 5-8, and threw a fit that I couldn't have a matching appendectomy scar with my beloved literary character. So when I realized this year that I have never dressed up as Madeline for Halloween, I was completely shocked.

I managed to find this blue dress on sale at Forever21, and just had to add the collar to it... which would have been easy if I didn't leave that until when my guests were arriving on Halloween night. So I lazily basted in a makeshift collar, threw on socks and gloves and had found this hat at the last second at a thrift store (it was fate, I swear).

As a bonus, here are my dogs in their costumes that I picked out. Maggie is a hamburger, and Ollie is a bat (though he looks more like a flying monkey from Wizard of Oz).

Have a great rest of your weekend!